The Maverick Program - $500


The Maverick Program: All the help you need, exactly when you need it. Two full hours of coaching per month. This option is for mavericks who work best outside of a routine or want to move extraordinarily fast. It’s also for those who prefer not to wait until a scheduled appointment to move forward and like to set their own schedule. We make our visits/calls when you want them, for as long as you want them, and as often as you need them for up to 2 full hours per month. (And yes, we can schedule more than 2 hours per month and we’ll rate that time accordingly.) You may choose to break this out into four 30-minute calls, if you prefer consistency. Note: to keep you on track and for bookkeeping purposes, your time does not roll over into the next month, so use it!

The Fast Track Program - $350


The Fast Track Program: Three 30-minute visits/calls per month This option is for high achievers who take consistent action and want to collaborate and brainstorm with me on any issues or assignments that come up. With this option, we schedule three solid 30-minute visits/calls per month, one per week, to get you moving quickly, stay on track and eliminate any obstacles.

The Self-Starter Program- $200


The Self-Starter Program: Two 30-minute visits/calls per month This program was created for highly motivated individuals who don’t want to speak as often as those in the Maverick or Fast Track Programs. It includes the same tools, resources and quality coaching. The focus is on solo assignments outside of the two 30-minute calls per month. This option can also be used for Maintenance after 6 months of one of the other programs available